San Francisco artist’s unique sandcastles win over TikTok viewers

Kirk Maxson is a San Francisco-based artist. One of his specialties is drip sandcastles, which, unlike other sand sculptures where the sand is usually manipulated by sculpting the sediment like clay, requires a unique drip technique. Not only are the castles beautiful but they’re satisfying to watch, as many people tune in to watch on his TikTokkirkmaxson

Maxson made coffee drip castles in one clip. First, he pours French press coffee into two large mugs. He then places sand in one mug and uses the sediment to create sand towers in the other cup. He goes back in forth transferring the sand from one mug to the other until there is a whole “forest” of drip castles between the two mugs. 

In a video shot in May, Maxson shows his sculpting technique up close. The artist digs a hole to create a puddle of ocean water that he can pull sand from. Using his bare hand, he grabs a glob of the wet sand and drips it into a pile. As it pours the mound becomes taller, resembling a castle turret. Maxson then combines numerous drip sand towers to create a massive castle-like structure. 

The artist’s TikTok racked up 1.6 million views. Many users felt a sense of nostalgia watching the clip. 

“You just took me back to when I was 5,” one user wrote

“You just unlocked a memory I forgot I had,” another said

“I thought my mom was the only one who made sandcastles like this,” someone commented

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