5 sandwiches on TikTok that will make you legit hungry

Sandwiches are a comfort food staple that thrive on simplicity and easy prep. But once in a while, that one sandwich comes along that truly blows your mind. Was it the texture? The sauce? The bread? Whatever the reason, there’s something about sandwiches that just gets the tummy rumbling. Here are five sandwiches from TikTok that will definitely make you hungry, no matter the time or place. 

1. Fried chicken sandwich on a fresh potato roll

The crispy fried chicken, homemade pickles and coleslaw would’ve been enough. But throw a homemade potato roll into the mix? Now we’re just getting silly. Homemade bread is a great way to take a sandwich to the next level, but this fried chicken masterpiece would still be delicious on store-bought bread. 

2. Korean street toast

This homemade take on Korean street toast combines a hearty veggie omelette, thin slices of ham and melted American cheese. The secret ingredient? A sprinkle of sugar on top of the eggs. This egg sando looks as if it would hit the spot any time of day. 

3. Chickpea salad sandwich (vegan, vegetarian) 

This peanut miso chickpea salad is a flavorful, vegan replacement for tuna salad that’s bursting with umami flavors and bold spice. Whether or not you’re vegan, this hearty sandwich should find a space in your weekly lunch rotation. 

4. A perfect Cuban sandwich 

Few things hit the spot like the perfect Cuban sandwich. The ham, the roasted pork, the Swiss cheese … it’s like your favorite band’s greatest hits album. For some extra theatrics, TikToker @flakeysalt uses a blowtorch to pre-melt the cheese before giving it a satisfying press on the stovetop. If you’ve never had a Cuban sandwich, you’ll definitely want one now.  

5. Wagyu beef sandwich 

This epic steak sandwich uses the king of all steaks: Wagyu beef. Wagyu beef is pricey, but you can use a more affordable cut of steak while admiring the Wagyu from the comfort of your screen. TikToker @meatlikemike also throws on some smoked jalapeño poppers as a spicy, cheesy surprise. 

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