Santa tells parents to ‘drop [the kids] and run,’ captures little girl’s powerful scream: ‘I feel bad for laughing’

Twin toddlers had an ear-ringing reaction to sitting with Santa for a photo, and the footage has gone totally viral.

Mom Johanna Buresh (@johannaburesh) gained a whopping 8.7 million views and over 16,000 comments when she posted the video to her TikTok account.

When it comes to capturing Christmas memories with their little ones, parents often go above and beyond — like the mom who went viral for putting her 6-month-old in a flower pot full of “hot chocolate.”

But to capture this particular moment with Santa and her toddler twins, Johanna and her hubby had to duck and cover!

And while some TikTok parents are cracking up at the video and final photo, others say it’s not very funny.

In the video, Johanna and her husband struggle to get their twin toddlers to sit happily on Santa’s lap.

After struggling for a while, Santa eventually tells the parents to “drop them and run” — and the parents oblige.

They prop their little ones on Santa’s knees, then sprint toward the photographer, hoping to grab a photo before the toddlers totally melt down.

And it was a good thing the parents took cover! Once they’re behind the camera, their little girl belts out a scream so powerful, she had to wind up for it!

While thousands of parents found the footage adorable and hilarious, others didn’t think it was quite so funny.

Many accused the parents of “traumatizing” the toddlers, as they clearly didn’t want to take a photo with Santa.

“They are genuinely terrified, and their safe spaces just dropped, ran and laughed,” one user wrote.

“I don’t get why people put their kids through this. Learning consent starts at a very early stage,” another user commented.

“Not my parenting style, I guess. I wouldn’t just sit them on a stranger’s lap in public, so same goes with this. If they aren’t comfortable, don’t force it,” wrote another user.

“So we’re teaching kids that ‘no’ has no meaning? Cool, cool,” commented another.

Other users didn’t take any issue with the video and defended Johanna and her husband.

“Toddlers scream and cry about the most ridiculous stuff. Like, they dropped a pea on the floor and cry for hours over it,” one user wrote.

“Every time I enjoy a video and think it’s great/funny, I go to the comments, and it ruins the video completely. Gotta stop looking at the comments,” another user commented.


Reply to @jeswiththerbf they were sooo excited right up until they knew a camera was involved. 🤦🏼‍♀️

♬ Elf Soundtrack (Trap Remix) – Christmas Classics Remix

Johanna came to her and her husband’s defense with additional TikToks, as well as the much-requested final photo.

According to the twin mom, both of her toddlers were super excited to meet Santa and only got upset when they knew a camera was involved.

She says both kids were totally fine the second the photo was taken and were laughing and eating candy just moments after.

Despite any angry comments Johanna received on TikTok, the family can hopefully look back on this photo as a funny holiday memory.

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