Toddler has hilarious reaction to meeting Santa Claus at his front door: ‘The pure joy and excitement’

A little boy had the shock of a lifetime when he opened the door to see Santa Claus — and the hilarious video is going viral!

Mom and TikToker Stephanie (@stephy.602) gained over 4.9 million views and 5,000 comments when she posted the footage online.

And just like the mom who went viral for putting her 6-month-old in a pot of “hot chocolate,” Stephanie and her festive baby are getting TikTokers in the holiday spirit!

Stephanie’s toddler, Jason, was shocked on Christmas Eve when he opened the door to see the jolly man himself on the porch.

“Have you been a good boy?” Santa asks, holding a present.

“Yes,” Jason stammers in shock.

“I have a present for you,” Mr. Claus replies.

But Jason, despite his excitement, is a little dubious. “You is Santa Claus?” he asks.

“Yes, I have my reindeer on the roof,” Santa replies, as Jason’s family fails to stifle their giggles in the background.

The two exchange more hilarious pleasantries until finally, Santa makes his way back to his sleigh.

“Jason, that was Santa Claus!” a relative exclaims. “Holy sh**!”

The toddler parrots his curse in the adorably innocent way only a child can — causing his family to erupt in laughter behind him.

What a gift watching this was…’

“I’ve never heard a little kid curse and sound so cute,” one user wrote.

“Magical, what Christmas is all about,” another user commented.

“You can tell this sweet boy is the pride and joy of his family. God bless you all,” wrote another user.

“Absolutely priceless! Thank y’all! That was the best Christmas gift I could ever ask for,” shared another user.

“The innocence of children is priceless — but he wasn’t hugging Santa, lol,” laughed one user.

“What a gift watching this was. Thank you!!” another user wrote.

Jason’s sweet innocence and excitement are the very spirit of the holiday season, and his viral video is a great reminder to enjoy all of life’s little moments all year round.

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