Here’s why Santa profile pictures are taking over TikTok

There’s a new so-called cult on TikTok and it’s all about ol’ Kris Kringle. 

The holiday season is here and Christmas fanatics are taking over TikTok. There have been “cults” on TikTok before surrounding a random slew of fandoms like Lana Del Rayhamsters and the devil emoji. Cults on the app are nowhere near as dangerous as the kind in real life. Rather, they are more like online communities with a common interest. 

What is the “Santa cult” on TikTok? 

“Join Santa cult this Christmas. We are not toxic,” the account @unfunny.memez.u.wont.laf captioned a video

To join the cult all you have to do is change your TikTok icon to the photo of Santa Claus in the video and follow anyone you see with the same avatar. Cult members are expected to keep their profile pics this way until Christmas day. People typically join TikTok cults to gain more followers and share their hobbies or interests. Many of them are ironic in nature and harmless fun. 

However, the Santa cult, in this case, is a response to the popular Ghostface cult that took over TikTok during Halloween. The Ghostface cult doesn’t have the best reputation, hence why the Santa cult members rebuked “toxic” behavior from the start. 


Santa Cult is the next big cult, Join and follow eachother in the comments! #fyp #santacult

♬ original sound – ✰ Christmas sounds ✰

“Halloween is officially over, Ghostface cult,” TikToker @scordo wrote in a video caption. “We already have a new cult: Santa cult.” 

What is the “Ghostface cult” on TikTok? 

The “Ghostface cult” is centered around the killer from the Scream franchise named Ghostface, who wears a black cape and ghost-like mask. Users like @scream.cult_leader changed their avatars to a photo of the movie murderer during the spooky season.  

However, many TikTokers felt that the Ghostface cult had become toxic and hostile toward other users, according to @noahglenncarter. Some TikTokers have joined the Santa cult in response or are repping both cults by using Santa avatars with the Ghostface juxtaposed on top of it. 

No matter what “cult” you’re in on TikTok, just remember to have fun, be respectful and not take anything too seriously.

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