7-year-old moonlights as Santa’s helper in hilarious skit: ‘Can’t love this enough’

A 7-year-old girl is stepping up to help Santa this year by answering a few of his letters and providing some creative solutions.

Sara J. Faiwell shared a Facebook video of her daughter Jordyn starring in a sketch in which she helps Mr. and Mrs. Claus out this holiday. The skit, called “Jordyn’s eLearning Answering Santa’s Letters,” also features the rest of the Faiwell family and friends in some hilarious roles.

“It’s a busy time for everyone, including those at the North Pole. Jordyn’s eLearning takes on the holidays by answering some of Santa’s mail,” Faiwell wrote in the caption.

In the video, Santa (played by Jordyn) calls Jordyn to request a little help answering letters. But, as it turns out, Jordyn thinks a bit more outside of the box than Santa.

When a girl wrote in about her grandpa’s yucky fruit cake, Jordyn had some interesting advice for her.

“Don’t throw it out,” she advised. “You can still use it for a bike helmet, a punching bag or even use a chainsaw on it.” Now that’s sound advice from a 7-year-old.

Another kid wrote in about her mom who loved to go Christmas caroling but couldn’t sing.

“That’s easy,” Jordyn said. “Put some noise-canceling headphones on your Christmas list.”

The video ended with Jordyn penning her own letter to Santa. In it, she lamented how lockdown meant she was inside all year.

“All I am asking this year, Santa, is to get back to a normal life,” Jordyn wrote.

Well, let’s just hope for all of our sakes that Santa makes Jordyn’s Christmas wish come true this year.

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