Former ‘HQ Trivia’ host reveals how much money she made per episode

Former “HQ Trivia” host Sarah Pribis is giving plenty of inside details about the once-viral online game show.

Pribis, an actress and writer who hosted the mega-popular trivia game during much of its peak, shared the info on her TikTok page (@sarahpribis).

The video came in response to a commenter, who had previously asked her how much money she made per episode. Her answer revealed that amount, plus several other interesting claims about the show.

At its peak, “HQ Trivia” had over 2.3 million players tuning in each night to compete for cash prizes of hundreds of thousands of dollars. However, the app ultimately ran out of funding and shut down in 2020 before returning a few months later.

Pribis said that during her early hosting days, she was making $150 per episode. Still, the exposure was so good for her career that she was forced to choose it over her better-paying bartending job.

“I was dropping $400 to $500 bar shifts for a $150 trivia game,” she explained.

Pribis went on to say that as both she and the game grew in popularity, she decided to ask for more money. At that time, “HQ Trivia” allegedly started paying her $350 per show. The actress acknowledged that her new pay could be perceived in a number of different ways.

“This might seem like a lot, or this might seem like a little,” she said.

As Pribis pointed out, $350 could seem high for hosting a show that lasted only 15 minutes. However, she was quick to add that she spent hours prepping and writing all of her own jokes for her episodes. That’s in addition to the fact that “HQ Trivia” was giving out six-figure prizes many of the nights she hosted.

After a brief hiatus, Pribis returned to the show and got another raise. Her final pay, she said, was $500 per episode.

TikTok commenters weighed in with plenty of support for Pribis. Many said they appreciated her transparency.

“I played HQ a lot. I’m really surprised that you got paid so little!” one user wrote.

“Sounds very low!” another agreed.

“I had no clue so much work was put into those episodes!” another added.

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