A man pouring sauce on his food while dancing to Russian rap is TikTok’s latest craze

A bizarre new food trend has taken over TikTok — and it’s very saucy. 

Normally, food challenges and dance challenges are completely separate things on the app. A Russian rap song and a Canadian creator have inspired an unusual mashup of the two. In the unexpected trend, TikTokers are dousing their favorite foods in sauce and dancing to celebrate. 

What is the “hot sauce” dance on TikTok? 

The trend was started by Canadian TikToker John McGinnis. McGinnis began posting his unusual food videos back in September and has since amassed 5.4 million followers. 

A video of him pouring hot steaming cheese sauce on a plate of broccoli received over 95 million views. All of McGinnis’ videos follow the same format. He pours sauce onto his food, takes a bite, then does a simple dance where he throws his left hand up and down while his right hand rests on his waist. Each video features the Russian hip-hop song “Я буду ебать” by Moreart.

Now people have taken McGinnis’ video format to create their own “hot sauce” videos. There are over 727,000 videos that use the same sound. 

TikToker @thispronto poured sizzling hot cheese sauce onto a plate of nachos and did McGinnis’ hand dance. 


Queen of Birria 🤤 @Alejandra❤️

♬ #FoodDance – Neffati Jayden

Singer Lizzo squeezed some lime and slathered sauce on her quesadilla for the challenge. 


I literally have no food in my house (btw love this guy!) 😆 #fyp #foryou @johnmcginnis36 #foryoupage

♬ #FoodDance – Neffati Jayden

“I literally have no food in my house,” @tashinka_official wrote in a caption before she poured salsa on a plain rice cracker. 

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