This ‘Shark Tank’-approved product securely mounts dipping sauces in your car

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Dipping sauces can arguably be considered some of the American commercial cuisine’s guilty pleasures. No, seriously. Think about it: When most folks pull up to the drive-thru to pick up their orders of nuggets or fries, oftentimes, the additional request is, “Extra sauces, please.”

If the wish is granted — let’s be honest, the stinginess is real sometimes — most folks end up wrestling with the sauce packets with their knees together, trying to find the perfect flat-surface-to-mouth-distance ratio.

To avoid this common conundrum, the folks at Saucemoto have created a dip clip that securely mounts your sauces to your air conditioning vent. This simple-yet-genius system allows users to access any sized dip packet, hands-free.

Shop: Saucemoto Dip Clip (2 Pack), $10.05 (Orig. $11.99)

Credit: Amazon

The product, which was famously seen on “Shark Tank,” is made of premium-grade stainless steel covered in silicone, and is even said to stay in place “during bumpy rides.”

For added convenience, the universal mount “fits vents of all shapes and sizes,” rotates and locks into 16 positions for different vent angles and designs. It also features various gap sizes that make it perfect for attaching to thick or thin louvers and vents.

Credit: Saucemoto

Now, the true test of this product is how many sauce varieties it can house. According to the product’s description, its “5-in-1 aperture geometry holds sauce packets from all popular fast-food chains.”

Further proving that no sauce packet form is left out, Saucemoto even comes with a removable ramekin that holds sauces that come in pouches.

Credit: Saucemoto

So, what are people saying about Saucemoto’s genius invention? Well, it looks like the folks at “Shark Tank” aren’t the only ones who are impressed. The product boasts an overall rating of 4.6 stars on Amazon, with one shopper dubbing it “the best invention ever.”

“I’m a sauce queen, and this allows me to have sauce in my car without wasting it!” one shopper wrote. “Whoever invented this knows my love language!”

Another shopper even co-signed the product’s leading claim, stressing that it actually is “perfect for all sauce sizes.”

“I love that the cup is removable, so if you have one of those giant Chick-fil-A ketchup cups, it can sit within the holder without the added cup, but a smaller sauce like from Wendy’s can sit inside the additional cup so it won’t fall through,” the five-star reviewer explained.

The only gripe shoppers seemed to express with this product is that, with thicker sauces, the cup sometimes rises out of the holder while the dipped item is being pulled out.

“Sometimes when you dip, you pull the cup out when you pull out your nugget,” one shopper specified. However, he went on to admit that “these are first world problems,” before sharing that he is “happy with the purchase.”

It should also be noted that there are currently other car sauce holders on the market, like this option from Generic. However, based on its 1.9-star overall customer rating and flimsy core, it’s safe to say that Saucemoto may reign supreme.

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