TikTok reveals clever hack to save money fast

Saving money is hard.

But the Budget Bros Podcast has made it a bit easier with a recent viral video that proves you do not need to set aside hundreds of dollars at a time in order for your savings to add up.

The podcast, the purpose of which is to help people “save money without feeling like they’re giving anything up,” shared a clever hack on its official TikTok page, where it has since been viewed over 604K times.

The clip suggests taking the last digit in your checking account at the end of each day and moving that amount of money over to your savings account.

So, say you end the day with $1,254 in your checking account — you would move $4 over to savings.

“Do this every day and you’ll barely feel it,” Budget Bros says.

The video lays out an example week of spending in which a bank account owner would have been able to save $24.

Though the amount might seem trivial at first, over the course of a year, it would add up to $1,248 saved. Pretty impressive for mere dollars per day.

TikTokers were floored by the extremely basic yet effective operation.

“This is a really smart idea,” one user commented.

“Hold up imma do this right now,” said another.

“Just did this. Never knew I needed this,” wrote a third.

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