TikToker gives PSA after allegedly getting scammed by a credit card ‘swap’

A TikToker is going viral after sharing her experience dealing with an alleged credit card scam.

The part story, part PSA comes from a user named Meg (@meggylouu). In a video posted in early May, the TikToker detailed the credit card “swap” that nearly cost her $1,500.

Her clip is part of an ongoing trend on TikTok in which users attempt to warn others after encountering scams in their own lives. In one recent video, an Instacart driver revealed an alleged scam that customers can use to steal money from drivers. In another, a TikToker used her own experience to share the best tips for preventing Venmo scams.

Meg’s video struck a similar chord on the app. However, the situation was intensified by the fact that her alleged scammer was a child.

“Scammed by a child,” she captioned her post. “But seriously I hope this helps someone avoid a situation like this bc it sucks.”


Scammed by a child 🤡 But seriously I hope this helps someone avoid a situation like this bc it sucks. I’ll do a part 2 when I hear back from the bank and police

♬ original sound – Meg

In the video, Meg explains how she was approached by a “kid” who asked if she could help him pay for a taxi. The child went on to show her a handful of cash, adding that the taxi driver wouldn’t take cash due to COVID-19 restrictions.

So, Meg accepted the cash and paid for the taxi with her debit card. Thinking nothing of it, she went home and got on with her evening.

However, she later checked her bank account and noticed that not only was there no charge for a taxi — there were also several withdrawals from an ATM. The cost, Meg says, totaled close to $1,500.

“I don’t know how they did it,” she added.

After calling her bank to dispute the charges, Meg realized just how bad the situation was. Somehow, her debit card had been replaced with a fake.

“I don’t even know when [they took it],” she said. “They literally switched and gave me a fake card, kept my card and just took out money.”

Meg went on to say that while the scam was “embarrassing,” she hopes it will help someone avoid a similar situation.

The TikToker also followed up on her original video to share that fortunately, her bank refunded the stolen money. Overall, she seems to have a positive attitude about the ordeal.

“[The kid] gave me 10 bucks, and so now that I’ve gotten the money back from my bank, I’m actually up 10 bucks,” she joked.

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