Group of friends claims Airbnb experience made them feel unsafe

A group of friends claims they experienced an unsettling encounter at an Airbnb.

Jennifer Enriquez (@glammedbyjenny_) posted a video showing a group of women crowded around a kitchen window as they watched an unknown man walk across the house’s driveway.

In the TikTok, you can see one of the friends in the group contacting the alleged Airbnb host over the app. The app states the friend’s name is Karen and that she wrote, “Hello, someone came and said he is renting the garage?”


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“Nope!” the host responded. “Not sure who that is. Kindly ask them to message whoever they booked with; the garage is not a place that is rented.”

“He came inside the garage and said he rents the garage,” Karen replied. “He had a key and told one of us?”

“I wish you had contacted us prior to letting them in,” the Airbnb host said. “It could be my cleaner.”

Then the host followed up with, “Can you give me a description and a name and ask them to give me a call immediately?”

“He barely came in,” Karen said. “He has a Toyota Tacoma. We [saw] him come in. I don’t want to talk to him. We don’t feel safe, especially if you aren’t sure who is in the house.”

“I’m trying to figure this out,” the host said. “I really need a description or a name. Was the door locked??”

After Karen reiterated that the stranger came through the garage, the host said, “There is no [Tacoma] in the driveway.”

“It’s on the side,” Karen insisted, sending a photo of the alleged car. “Honestly, I don’t feel safe anymore; we want our money back, we are leaving. This is getting ridiculous.”

You can then see the group of friends searching around the kitchen for items they could use for protection. One woman went into the utensil drawer, while another pointed out that the group has glass bottles.

“Lol, long story short, there was an extra room in the back that we were NOT aware of,” Enriquez wrote in the comments. “The host never mentioned someone else would be staying here. Also, it was never mentioned in the house description before we booked it.”

Enriquez also added in the comments that it was in Redding, Calif.

According to a representative from Airbnb, the event took place in July 2020. In The Know reached out to Enriquez for further comment but has not heard back.

“Our team looked into this situation when it was only brought to their attention last week,” the Airbnb representative told In The Know. “The host, in fact, did accurately describe that the property was shared with a second listing in the back of the property.”

Airbnb also stated that the “information was conveyed on the front end” on the listing page. Allegedly the host also pointed this out to the guest and “the guest was understanding.”

Ultimately Airbnb said the incident was not in violation of Airbnb policies.

Commenters, however, were unimpressed with the interaction they saw in the TikTok.

“Please tell me y’all got a refund,” one person wrote. “What the hell kind of Airbnb host reacts that way?”

“Host was ridiculous,” another agreed. “As if it’s your responsibility to question this person.”

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