Woman finds ‘scary’ hidden staircase in her 148-year-old house

A woman found a secret staircase in her new home and found out the odd explanation for why it’s there. 

Unusual home discoveries are nothing new on TikTok. In the last few months, users have found “scary” secret basements, bizarrely shaped staircases and hidden doors in their bathrooms.

In this case, Tiktok user Lindsay Grummett bought a 148-year-old house a few months prior and it’s about as spooky as it sounds. After moving in, she shared a TikTok about a strange door she discovered. 


My house may or may not have a secret passage… and probably a few ghosts. #fypシ

♬ original sound – Lindsay Grummett

Grummett said she purchased the old house because one of the rooms had an exposed brick wall she fell in love with. However, she noticed a mysterious door halfway up the stairs to the second floor.

On the other side of the wall where the door was located, there was a bathroom. But when she opened the door it did not lead to the bathroom. Inside, there was a blocked-off, dusty staircase and some retro stickers of The Fonz from Happy Days. Grummet wasn’t sure where it led but promised to find out in a second video.

The unsettling door TikTok received over 14.1 million views. The people wanted to know where that creepy staircase led. 

“The beginning of every scary movie ever…” one commenter wrote.

“Girl this gives me Conjuring vibes,” another said. “Sometimes stairs are boarded up for a reason.”

“If you’re going to do it, don’t do it alone,” a third person commented.

In a second video, Grummet and her boyfriend explored the staircase which ended up leading to nowhere. The stairs just went right up the wall. It was a little anti-climatic, but Grummet got some info about the house from a local named Debbie. 

“JC Gibson built the house for him, his wife and their six daughters,” Grummet said. “Since there was no plumbing in 1873, the bathroom was probably a bedroom and that means that this was probably a second staircase up to the second floor. No treasure. No skeletons. No jewelry.” 

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