Scentual Aroma is a female-founded, female run luxury skin brand that uses plant-based ingredients

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Skincare isn’t just for improving your appearance. It can be a moment of relaxation that boosts your overall well being. And with Scentual Aroma (@scentualaroma), you can do both at once! The women-owned and women-run company pairs skincare with aromatherapy so you can find some tranquility while supporting your skin with natural botanical ingredients. 

Using plant oils and herbs has always been the norm for Scentual Aroma founder, Eman Tabbara, which she attributes to growing up in a multicultural family. “I started making my own products and sharing them with my family and friends, and the feedback was amazing,” she explains. 

When it comes to specific ingredients, Tabbara doesn’t just think about how they’ll affect your skin, but how the ingredients interact with and affect each other. “My main focus when I started formulating is focusing on raw botanically derived, also scientifically based information that these herbal combinations or synergies would work with our skin in that certain way,” she tells In The Know. 

And while every single Scentual Aroma product is made with passion, Tabbara admits to some standout favorites. 

The first product Tabbara shares is the Gentle Cleansing Balm, which is an oil-based cleanser. “It relies on the method that ‘like dissolves like’ without having to strip the skin from its natural oils,” she explains. The Gentle Cleansing Balm combines “a lot of botanical oils that have exfoliating enzymes, so that is going to gently enhance cell turnover, and at the same time lift impurities [and] unclog pores.”

But the big customer favorite is the Intensive Youth Concentrate, which combines 22 active botanicals and can act as a moisturizer, primer, and treating serum all in one product. “It has a lot of anti-inflammatory properties where it helps to soothe skin sensitivity, it helps to brighten the skin. [And] it has a lot of antioxidants, a lot of anti-aging benefits,” shares Tabbara. 

Finally, Tabbara highlights one of Scentual Aroma’s body care products, the Lemongrass Body Nectar. The product combines scents of lemongrass and orange blossom, and boasts “calming benefits” as well. 

As far as what’s next for Scentual Aroma, Tabbara says that the company is focused on minimizing their carbon footprint while continuing to provide high-quality botanical skincare to their clientele. But Tabbara’s number one priority is awareness. Her goal is to provide “the public with that education and information that nature has the alternatives for us and we have it at our fingertips,” she explains. 

If you want to treat yourself to some natural plant-based skincare, you can buy Scentual Aroma products online. Use the promo code CLEANBEAUTY for 15% off your purchase.

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