Kids are pranking their parents in TikTok’s scholarship challenge

TikTokers are doing the “scholarship challenge” but there’s no real money or award on the line. 

People are using a darkly comedic TikTok trend to prank their parents and grandparents. They’re conducting fake “scholarship” interviews to get a rise out of their innocent family members. The hashtag #scholarshipchallenge has 4.3 million and likely hundreds of confused elders. Here’s why you should never fall for the “scholarship challenge” on TikTok.

What is the “scholarship challenge” TikTok trend

The premise of the prank is kind of clever. People tell an older family member that they are applying for a financial scholarship. They claim the scholarship requires a video interview with someone they looked up to. The prankster then explains why they want the scholarship and why their family member is an inspiration. Eventually, things take a turn when the TikToker begins to reveal fake information about the family member. The whole point is to get a reaction and the reactions definitely delivered. 

TikToker @sexydasilva really let loose when she joked that all of her siblings had different fathers. Her mom was not happy. 

When @ashtondrakeraney‘s grandmother heard what the TikToker said she looked absolutely stunned and flabbergasted. 

“She also has a prosthetic leg,” Ashton said. “So it would be so helpful if we could get her off the streets.”

The user @techinthebathroom decided to prank his dad who is also a catholic priest. Instead of a scholarship, the setup was a church grant. The priest immediately shut down the interview when he heard what his son had to say. 

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