Sea lion crushes dance-off with zoo worker in hilarious TikTok

The Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta is a scientific institution and nonprofit that promotes the conservation of aquatic biodiversity.

But things got mighty strange behind the scenes during the lockdown, making for some hilarious moments. One handler at the zoo decided to have a dance-off with Neptune, a sea lion. I think you’ll agree that Neptune crushed the competition after watching this viral TikTok

The video kicks off with the song “Coincidance” by Handsome Dancer. “Wow, you can really dance,” the lyrics say. Then the face-mask-wearing worker does the twist. The same words repeat and Neptune mimics her by shaking his head and tail with his fins spread on the floor. 

Then the worker shakes her hands from side to side to the beat and Neptune imitates her again. The sea lion lifts its fins in the air and waddles from left to right. The woman directs Neptune with her hand and he whirls his head in a circle. 

When she points her finger to the ground the singer says, “We’ve both been dancing all this time. What a coincidance!” This is when Neptune turns it out. The sea lion slides into a headstand and points its tail straight into the air. 

The hilarious clip scored to an even more bizarre song was watched 21.2 million times on TikTok

“I have entered aquatic TikTok and I NEVER want to leave,” one user wrote

“When a sea lion can dance better than you,” one person added.

“Neptune did NOT have to go THAT hard,” another joked

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