Who is seagull girl on TikTok? Sophie Morelli has made a career of her scarily accurate animal impression

While most famous influencers on TikTok are usually known for dancing, the platform is actually a treasure trove of numerous talents. 

Sophie Morelli, aka “seagull girl,” is known on TikTok for her extremely realistic animal impressions. She has 1.8 million TikTok followers and 43,000 Instagram followers. 

Here’s what we know about the social media star.

She posted her first TikTok in April 2020.

Morelli can impersonate all kinds of animals, but she’s also a comedian and a savvy photo editor. She even does photo-editing challenges, like adding her boyfriend into pictures during the pandemic. 

She’s a polyglot.

Morelli is multilingual and speaks English, French, Italian, Spanish and Monegasque. 

She’s really, really good at accent challenges of all kinds — which earned her the nickname ‘seagull girl.’

She’s also excellent at doing accents but not necessarily the kind you’re thinking of. She can do at least four kinds of mosquito accents. She can also imitate sheep and a host of arctic animals


My voice is back so taking advantage of it til it goes again #seagullgirl

♬ original sound – Sophie 🤍

She is obviously most famous for her seagull content. In March, someone asked what her “completely useless secret talent” is. That’s when she revealed her incredible seagull call. The rest is history.

When haters tried to dismiss her talent as just imitating seagulls. She hilariously shot back with “Can you? Can you?” and then did a pretty intimidating seagull call. 


Reply to @darkhuwor STOP ASKING NOW #seagullgirl

♬ original sound – Sophie 🤍

Some people wanted to know if she was French or American. Her answer was simple: she’s a seagull. 


Æ͎̖̥̣̪̘͔E̝̘̲̳͇̰ͅE̢̦̥ͅE̳̮Ë̶̯Ë̳̰͈̩͖͈ ̳̳̺̗Ï͏̼ ̲͇̪̼̮͞&̜͚͔͍4͍̼̰@͓͜ ̶̣͈k͎̳̖̼̱͠$̯̦̭̺ ͔̙͇͔ͅea̪e̶̟a͘e̯̘͝a͉̹̭̤̰͓̟͢e͖̮͇ͅa͇̰̕e͠a̘̻ͅ ✨ #seagullgirl

♬ original sound – Sophie 🤍

In another video where she listed guys she’d cheat on her boyfriend with, she pulled up a photo of a dashingly handsome seagull. 

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