Here’s how to search for duets and stitches on TikTok

Sometimes a video blows up on TikTok and you just need more.

The duet and stitch features on TikTok allow users to create responses using the visuals and audio of another video. So, if you find a TikTok you like, you may want to view all of the duets and stitches made with that video. But finding them is not so easy.

What is a duet on TikTok? 

Duets allow you to build on another user’s video on TikTok by recording your own video alongside the original as it plays,” TikTok stated.

This allows users to interact with each other and borrow each other’s content to build on it and create their own in more interesting ways.

What is a stitch on TikTok? 

Stitch allows users the ability to clip and integrate scenes from another user’s video into their own,” TikTok said.

The main difference between a stitch and a duet is that the former only requires you to use five seconds of a video, whereas a duet uses the entirety of the video.

How to find duets on TikTok 


I was way to excited when I figured this one out

♬ original sound – itsjackyflanagan

There’s no function that allows users to easily “click” and view all the duets of a certain video. But one person, @itsjackyflanagan, figured out an unconventional method to do so.

“I was way too excited when I figured this one out,” she wrote in the caption.

All you have to do is go to the search bar on TikTok and type in “duet” followed by the username of the person who made the original video. Then all of the related duets will populate.

How to find stitches on TikTok


Reply to @mac.rm Apparently I’m not the only one who needs lessons on how to use Tiktok because 35K OF YOU GUYS also liked that little trick 😂

♬ original sound – itsjackyflanagan

Eventually, @itsjackyflanagan discovered you could use the same method to find stitches. Just type “Stitch” and the username of the person who made the original video into the search bar and you’re good to go.

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