Woman discovers ‘scary’ secret basement while renovating home

As strange as it sounds, there’s nothing that unusual about a TikTok user finding a “secret basement” in their homes.

TikTok users have spent the past several months revealing their creepiest household discoveries. Some have shared bizarre staircases in homes for sale, the “secret boxes” they found in their backyards or the “scary” basements of their Airbnbs.

Now, TikTok user @abi_mia14 is joining in on the trend. The TikToker, who goes by Abi on the app, shared a clip of her discovery during some household renovations. As it turns out, there was a “secret basement” underneath her home.

“I can’t believe what we just found in our storage cupboard,” Abi wrote.


Wtaf ! This is scary ! ##unknownbasment ##fyp ##duet ##scary

♬ Scary – Background Sounds

In her clip, Abi proceeds to reveal a torn-out section of her kitchen cupboard. Inside, there appears to be a covered-up staircase that leads to a cellar.

It’s not entirely clear how or why Abi found the “scary” stairs, but she wrote in the comments that it seemed like they’d been covered up for at least a few decades. Still, that didn’t stop her from having a spooked-out reaction to the basement.

“Someone has 100 percent been down here,” she wrote in her video.

Many commenters had a similar response. Some said the video felt like a real-life horror movie.

“I was expecting a jump scare,” one user wrote.

“Bruh that’s like ‘The Conjuring,'” another added, referencing the popular horror film series.

Others had a calmer reaction. Some users claimed that cellars were commonplace in older homes in the U.K., where Abi appears to live.

“Most Victorian homes had them,” one user claimed.

“That’s common in U.K. homes, whoever your landlord probably covered it,” another added.

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