Little girl sets up secret camera to capture Elf on the Shelf flying around at night: ‘This was a masterpiece’

The holiday magic doesn’t have to die with adulthood — you can always recreate it for the kids

TikTok mom pulled out all the stops to convince her daughter that her Elf on the Shelf is completely real. The little girl was adamant about catching the Christmas creature in flight. So the mom did a little behind-the-scenes magic of her own to make the holiday fantasy come true. 

“That time our daughter set up cameras to catch her Elf on the shelf flying,” the video text read. “So we had to get creative and make this f****** thing fly at midnight tired asf. The things we do for these kids man…” 

The mom staged security footage for her daughter’s hidden camera to make it appear as though the doll had come to life. The elf flew around the air near the Christmas tree.

Glitter sprinkled around the magical being. Then, finally, the elf came down and looked directly into the camera. 

“The glitter being sprinkled in front of the camera is killing me,” someone commented. The mom replied that she was “dying laughing while doing it,” adding that if you listen close, you can hear them “cracking up.” 

The video racked up 10.5 million views and 2.2 million likes on TikTok

“Okay but this was a masterpiece,” a person wrote

“I would believe this forever,” someone added

“This should be up for an Emmy. Gold, pure gold,” a TikToker said

“The way it’s just swinging back and forth,” a user replied

“This will be a core memory and she’s going to believe forever omg,” another commented

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