Man discovers creepy hidden cellar full of mysterious green liquid

A man recently claimed to have discovered that his vacation rental home had a secret cellar underneath the living room, filled with bright green water.

TikTok loves to explore a secret door or hidden passageway. Previously, users shared themselves finding passageways behind their closets, rooms behind their mirrors and basements they never knew they had.

In this case, TikTok user @robertibus noted in the video caption that this wasn’t something he’d normally post on the app, but it was “too spooky not to share.” His family was renting a vacation home, and he happened to notice a door underneath the couch.

@robertibus inspects the trap door and decides to open it up, exposing a dark set of stairs.

“Not creepy in the slightest,” he sarcastically says. “What is this? That’s terrifying.”


Not my usual content, but this was too spooky not to share. Was not expecting that! #spooky #unexpected #creepy #familyholiday 👻

♬ Spooky, quiet, scary atmosphere piano songs – Skittlegirl Sound

He then decides to go down the steps with his dog tagging along for protection. After a few steps, his flashlight shines on what looks like several inches of fluorescent green water.

“What the flip?” he says. “Oh my gosh. It’s water! What the heck? It’s quite deep and very green. What on earth is this?”

“You need to ask the owners ASAP,” one person commented.

“Was this seriously not listed on the booking page nor mentioned to you upon arrival?” another asked. “Seriously dangerous!”

“OK but the bad vibes and chills I get from this…” someone wrote.

Ultimately, @robertibus explained to Fox News that he did call the owner and found out that the green water was from a plumber looking for a leak. Plumbers will dye water a bright color to make the source of the leak easier to spot. In addition to the cellar, @robertibus also said the house had some other weird features, like a random hole in the wall that was filled with tools.

But @robertibus’s biggest issue with the rental? The lack of phone signal and poor Wi-Fi connection.

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