TikToker reveals the ‘secret codes’ that can keep you from getting lost in New York City

Did you know there is a secret code in New York’s Central Park?

If you didn’t, don’t worry — you’re not alone. In fact, thousands of TikTokers are learning about the secret codes, located on Central Park’s lampposts, thanks to one viral video.

The surprising info, which can keep you from getting lost in the massive park, comes courtesy of TikToker Lucie Fink (@luciebfink). As Fink explained in her clip, visitors to the park can use the hidden numbers on its lampposts to find their way.

“If you’re ever lost in Central Park,” Fink captioned her video.

Walking through the park, Fink points out the four-digit codes and explains how they work.

The first three numbers tell visitors how far north or south they are — by showing which New York cross-street they’re even with. For example, a code starting with “710” means you’re at 71st street. While a code starting with “103” would mean you’re at 103rd street.

The final number, meanwhile, tells you if you’re on the east or west side of the park. Odd numbers mean the west side, while even numbers mean the east side. So, a code of “8307” would mean you’re on the west side of the park and as far north as 83rd street.

As the comments from her video show, the codes aren’t just there for tourists. In fact, plenty of New Yorkers responded to the video saying they’d never known about them.

“No New Yorkers know this,” one user wrote.

“I’ve lived in NYC for approximately 10 years. Never knew this!” another commented.

“How did I not know this?” another asked.

To some, the codes might seem unnecessary — after all, who doesn’t have Google Maps? That said, they could make a big difference if you lose your phone or can’t get service. After all, the park is a whopping 843 acres in size, so it’s pretty easy to get lost.

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