Woman discovers terrifying secret room in back of her apartment closet

A woman is freaking out TikTok with the secret room her family discovered in the back of her apartment closet.

TikToker Sasha Jones shared the harrowing story in response to a viral prompt by user @hardboiledtaryn asking, “Is there a part of your house y’all never knew existed?”

In a three-part series that has since been viewed more than 3.8 million times, Jones explained that when she was growing up, her family lived in the same apartment for 10 years, where she endured bouts of sleep paralysis, night tremors and sleepwalking.

Sasha said that toward the end of her family’s time residing in the apartment, she went on a week-long trip to Los Angeles. When she returned home to her mother abruptly telling her that they would be moving out in two weeks.

After they finally moved, Sasha said her mother sat her down to explain the reason why.

“So my mom is sitting me down and letting me know that, ‘Hey, there’s actually an attic in our closet that we didn’t know about that wasn’t on the lease,'” she revealed.

Her mom went on to say that at one point, someone had seemingly been living in the attic, which was only accessible by moving a little square on the ceiling of the apartment’s walk-in closet.

“She said, ‘It’s really heavy, but somebody was opening it from the top and moving it to the side,'” Sasha recalled her mom explaining. “She said, ‘It’s almost impossible to open from the inside, but when I sent your brother up there, he saw a bed, a dresser and sheets and a pair of shoes.’ And she said everything was covered in dust and there was one set of footprints to my room and back to the bed.”

“There was no exit footprints or nothing,” she added.


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“Legit scary”

TikTokers were supremely freaked out by the finding.

“Not me sitting in my apartment being scared now,” one user wrote.

“This story is legit scary,” said another.

In a third video, Sasha explained that she and her family did not return to the apartment to further investigate. They still don’t have a full answer about the hidden room’s purpose.

She did say, however, that after leaving the apartment, her sleep paralysis and sleepwalking both stopped.


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