What could possibly be lurking inside this woman’s newly discovered basement?

So you’re buying a new house, but you decide not to have it inspected. What could possibly go wrong, right? It’s not like you’re going to find a secret room you didn’t know about before.

That is, unless you’re TikTok user @unfortunateexistance.

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“When you pull the carpet off your floor and find a basement you never knew about,” she wrote in a video showing, well, exactly that.


This just happened and I’m still in shock

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She and a partner pulled up the carpet to reveal wooden steps leading to a mysterious secret floor.

“Honey, we have a basement,” she said with a twinge of fear in her voice.

The original video cuts off after just a few seconds, but @unfortunateexistance has uploaded footage of multiple trips down into the creepy basement below.

In one, she demonstrated that she had to use a cheap vacuum to prop the basement door open.

She found the fusebox she had been looking for, old furniture, a large garbage bag and — you guessed it — some mysterious red stains on the floor.

In another video, she took a closer look and found a sharpened rod, needles and markings on the wall. The light suddenly turned on at the end of the video, scaring the woman filming and the woman watching the video (me).

In a third post, she showed her audience that there are more rooms beyond the initial entry point, but to get to them, you’d have to climb through a hole in the wall.

“Ummmm, no, I’m not crawling through a hole in the wall,” @unfortunateexistance said. “They look sketchy and gross … I don’t wanna be down here anymore.”

Commenters were predictably spooked.

“It was hiding for a reason. Close it back up lady,” one user said.

“This is how horror films start, I would leave,” another wrote.

“That’s a murder basement, my friend,” a third commented.

Several wondered if the basement wasn’t disclosed because it was an illegal addition to the house. Others wondered if it was hidden because of other illegal activity.

For those wondering how a secret basement happened to slip past inspectors, @unfortunateexistance explained that she just didn’t have one because they didn’t buy the home from the bank. Also, it took them a full year to notice it was there in the first place.

Had there been an inspection, the basement wouldn’t have been a surprise … but where’s the fun in that?

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