TikToker shows off her ‘secret’ hidden beauty room

There’s nothing TikTok loves more than a secret room.

Thanks to an ever-popular trend on the app, users have spent the past year showing off their secret passageways, their secret beds and even their secret nightclubs.

Now, TikTokers have a new secret obsession. It’s the bedroom of a user named Melissa Ramirez, who keeps something pretty impressive hiding behind her wall.

As Ramirez shows in her video, which has nearly 2 million views, she has a “secret beauty room” tucked away next to her bedroom. The only way to enter is by pulling open the full-length mirror past her bed.


Secret beauty room😍##fyp##beauty##beautyroom##makeup

♬ original sound – farles

Inside the secret room, Ramirez appears to have a full-sized closet, a makeup mirror, several tables and a hat rack. Needless to say, TikTok users were impressed by the reveal.

“I need this in my life,” one commenter wrote.

“I want your room,” another added.

Many TikTokers compared it to the Disney Channel TV show Hannah Montana, in which the titular character had a secret closet to match her status as a secret popstar. Others simply praised Ramirez for using the “secret room” trend to show off something that was “attainable” — unlike the lavish home features you might find elsewhere on TikTok.

“Finally someone who uses this audio to show something that’s cool because it’s actually cool, not cool because it’s expensive!” one user wrote.

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