TikToker discovers ‘scary’ hidden detail 4 years after moving into his home

A TikTok user is going viral after revealing the mysterious secret room they found in their current home.

The discovery, posted by user @everydaytoking, joins a longstanding trend on the app, in which users share hidden details they found in their homes.

TikTokers have previously found secret staircases in their hallways, Jenga pieces inside their bathroom walls and bizarre speakers around their neighborhoods. That’s not to mention the family who found an entire Monopoly board underneath their carpet.

Meanwhile, @everydaytoking’s discovery raised eyebrows because of how long it took for the TikToker to find it. According to his video, he’d lived in his current home for four years before realizing there was a “secret room” between his bedroom and bathroom.

“Where’s the middle room?” he captioned his clip.


The scare I got when I discovered this third room. #scary #story #fypシ #fypforyou #thriller

♬ Scary Music – Sinister Cellar – John Murray

In the clip, @everydaytoking even climbs out on his roof to look inside the extra room’s window. However, it’s unclear from the video how much space is inside.

TikTokers were divided over the discovery. Some called it “scary” and expressed their shock that @everydaytoking had never seen the room before.

“How did you not notice?” one commenter asked.

“A random window unnoticed for four years, how my man?” another asked.

Others offered rational explanations, such as the possibility that the window was simply located behind @everydaytoking’s bathroom mirror. Some commenters suggested that the “secret room” was likely just the result of some remodeling decision.

Meanwhile, other users accused @everydaytoking of faking the “discovery” for attention. It’s hard to say for sure, but a few days later, the TikToker posted an “update” in which he claimed to find a message in the window. So, at the very least, he seems to be having fun with his secret room now.

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