Homeowners receive mysterious letter claiming there are ‘secret rooms’ in their 130-year-old house

A couple discovered the 130-year-old home they’re renovating has three secret rooms. 

TikTokers Courtney and Matt have documented their renovation of the large home for months. One day, they received a letter in the mail from a member of the Madison family who once owned the house. The letter provided more history on the Madisons, but it also shared the location of three secret rooms. 

“I am the last surviving member of the Madison family who once owned the house and I grew up in it,” the letter stated.

The letter writer from Canada told them about the “secret rooms” and other things that may not have been disclosed about the home — so Courtney and Matt began their search for the hidden gems. 

The first secret room was in a downstairs fireplace. The mirror above the mantle slid open to reveal a hidden bar with bottles of wine from 1989 and 1970, along with old beer cans. 

The second secret room was in a washroom, but it was mostly just a creepy attic space. 

The final secret room was a dead space located in the basement, but they couldn’t quite access it because the previous owner boarded it up. It was originally a “big room and an open space.” Courtney even wondered if the space she discovered was the correct one.

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