Woman heartbroken over coworker’s response to her ‘Secret Santa’ gift: ‘Get over yourself’

A woman doesn’t understand why her coworker didn’t love her Secret Santa gift. 

She asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum to weigh in. The Reddit poster received a list of what her Secret Santa Sara wanted. But she didn’t approve of any of Sara’s requests like romance novels, socks and tea. So she decided to buy Sara a book in a completely different genre. 

“For Secret Santa, I got Sara, who put down a bunch of books that she wanted as well as other things like socks, tea, and candy,” she wrote. “I was a little disappointed to be honest because I really like to shop for people and give really cool gifts and these were just blah things. When I looked up all the books to get her I found out that they were all romance novels. 

“I felt kinda cringe buying her romance novels so I looked at the common themes and found a really good fantasy novel to buy her instead called Warbreaker by Brandon Sanderson. It has a romance in it too. I figure if she likes to read then she’d be happy to broaden her horizons and branch out. I also got her some Baby Yoda socks to go with it because who doesn’t like Baby Yoda and some Bigelow tea that looked good.”

But when Sara opened up her gift, she didn’t seem too excited about it. 

“We did the exchange this morning and she looked visibly confused when she opened hers,” the Reddit poster explained. “She changed her face to be surprised/happy but this really bothered me. In the break room later I heard her talking and complaining saying she didn’t get why someone got her these things. The other person said, ‘they probably were upset they got a woman instead of a man.'”

“Which I thought was rude (I’m a woman too I’m just not a ‘Pumpkin Spice Latte and Hallmark’ woman). Then after I saw her give the socks to someone else saying they could have them for their kid! I was honestly really bothered by this. I put thought and effort into a gift. AITA for getting her something to branch out of the humdrum romance genre and Baby Yoda socks? I thought EVERYONE liked baby Yoda.”

Redditors thought the poster was being self-centered. 

“Get over yourself,” a user commented

“You got someone something they wouldn’t like because you think you have superior taste,” another wrote

“This post was one of the most entitled I have ever read on here,” someone added

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