Man discovers secret passageway during apartment tour

Does your apartment have a dishwasher? Great. In-unit laundry? Even better. How about a secret passageway from the kitchen down to the back door?

Jamie Wilkes shared a video of himself in the middle of an apartment tour during which he discovered that part of the kitchen counter lifted up — and revealed a staircase leading outside of the building.

“Viewed a flat today and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to stop thinking about the back door…” Wilkes captioned his clip.

Tens of thousands of people retweeted and replied to the video, including Chrissy Teigen who called it both “stupid” and “genius.”

For the most part, the replies contained proposals of hypothetical scenarios in which the secret passageway would turn out to be a huge mistake.

“Imagine going to get some water at like 2 am and seeing someone climb out of your counter LMAOOO,” one user wrote.

“Imagine you’re in the kitchen minding your own business and suddenly the marble pops up,” another added.

“imagine you’re just making dinner and all of a sudden bam someone’s knocking on the countertop,” someone wrote in response to Teigen’s retweet.

There is something a little unsettling about the passageway, but it’s nowhere near as creepy-looking as this other secret staircase video that another user shared.

Author Claire Allan summarized the staircase perfectly: “As a crime writer, I’d like to know how many prisoners do you have down there?”

Recently, hidden room tours have been popping up on TikTok as well. Users have shown off their secret makeup rooms, their hidden beds and even their secret nightclubs.

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