Woman calls out her neighbor’s alleged creepy behavior from her window: ‘Call the police’

A woman took to TikTok to share the unsettling view from her window, and her audience was just as disturbed.

“When your neighbor installs a camera directly toward your window,” user @bbzeb alleged in her caption. The video showed a security camera seemingly pointed right at her.

Commenters quickly assessed the legality of the situation, weighing whether it was legal for a camera to be pointed toward her window like that.

“That’s so illegal, by law he has to point it away from your window,” one user said.

“Call the police,” another wrote.

Countless others agreed, but the actual legality of the situation is a bit fuzzy. Laws for private security cameras vary by state and often depend on intent and scope.

In most states, it’s perfectly legal to have a security camera mounted on your property facing someone else’s home as long as it covers a “broad area” and is in “lawful use,” according to security professionals. It’s hard to assess that secondhand via TikTok.

According to experts at Nelly’s Security, if the camera captures activity in a home that can’t be easily seen from street level, contacting a lawyer is the best move.

If the security camera is more disturbing than actually illegal, there are still a few actions that @bbzeb could take. Nelly’s Security recommended asking to see the neighbor’s feed directly, asking them to reposition the camera or add privacy masks. Curtains may also be a good investment.

TikTok commenters also offered alternative plans available if the police cannot intervene.

One recommended tinted windows or a cardboard cutout as a distraction. Others recommended staring directly at the camera.

No matter what the TikToker ultimately decides to do, it’s best to avoid any sort of destruction of property.

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