Security camera captures baby’s strange sleeping behavior during the night: ‘RIP my hair’

A family’s security camera has captured the strange — and hilarious! — way their baby sleeps, and TikTok can’t get enough!

With a Wyze camera recording directly above her bed, mom and TikToker @sumala.cwong was able to film her nightly co-sleeping ritual with her little one — and the footage is too funny.

In the footage, we see the mom and baby comfortably snuggled up in bed — and right away, her little one starts rolling and flailing about.

He climbs on Mom’s face, pulls her hair, and even “twerks” atop her head (according to some comments).

While some experts state that bed-sharing can be dangerous, Cornell University reports that bed-sharing (when done safely) can promote bonding and help both babies and parents sleep easier.

But watching @sumala.cwong’s video, it’s clear that no two babies are alike — and not all parents necessarily sleep better with the bed-sharing method!

‘That baby is literally dancing WAP on your face’

After 30M views, this hilarious TikTok video has racked up a ton of entertaining comments.

“That baby did everything but go to sleep,” one user wrote.

“Ain’t no way he not doing it on purpose,” another user commented.

“That baby going to the Olympics one day. They did Simone Biles’ floor routine in they sleep,” joked a user.

“IK THAT BBY DIDN’T JUST STANKY LEG ON HER HEAD,” commented another user.

“That baby is literally dancing WAP on your face,” one user joked.

And it seems @sumala.cwong isn’t the only parent struggling with bed-sharing. “That baby is twerking all over your face. I feel ya though. My daughter is 3, and this is my nights,” one user commented.

Even if this mom isn’t sleeping soundly these days, she’s surely going to look back fondly one day at this hilarious footage!

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