Security camera exposes what naughty goldendoodle does when she’s home alone, and Mom can’t handle it

A dog’s mischievous home-alone routine was caught on camera, and the hilarious security footage is going viral.

Dog mom and TikToker Karlee Wippler (@karburrows) gained over 6.8 million views and nearly 8,000 comments when she exposed her dog Millie online.

Now, just like the security camera footage that finally revealed which furry family member was opening the front door every night, this pup’s naughty behavior is cracking up TikTok.


First day finding out what Millie does when she is home alone 🥰🥰 #TargetHalloween #fyp #goldendoodle #baddog #MakeItCinematic

♬ original sound – Karlee Wippler

In the security footage, Millie the goldendoodle is caught red-handed (red-pawed?) playing on her humans’ dining room table — much to Karlee’s shock and chagrin.

And despite all of Karlee’s attempts to chastise the pup, Millie remains steadfast in her table occupation. She even stares straight into the camera as her mom laughingly hollers for her to get down.


Part 2 of leaving Millie home alone. She did not go to her bed 😌 #goldendoodle #MakeADogsDay #fyp #naptime #dogsofttiktok

♬ original sound – Karlee Wippler

But headstrong Millie does not get down. Rather, the goldendoodle doubles down on her naughtiness, settling in comfortably for a little tabletop snooze.

“Millie, go to your bed,” Karlee commands through the camera, trying to sound authoritative — but her laughter betrays her.

In the end, it seems Millie won this remote standoff, resulting in viral gold for her frustrated humans.

‘I aspire to have as many F’s as Millie has to offer…’

Thousands of TikTokers reacted to the hilarious footage in the comments.

“She’s like, ‘Whoever Millie is, she better get down,'” one user joked.

“Not her looking around for whoever Millie is,” laughed another user.

“She’s on ‘do not disturb,'” wrote another user.

“Millie said, ‘Nope. Leave me alone again and see what happens,'” another comment read.

“Looking right into that camera lens without a care in the world. I aspire to have as many F’s as Millie has to offer,” joked another user.

Dog owners around the world can attest that mischievous pups like Millie might be a handful sometimes, but their hilarious antics just make them all the more lovable.

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