Security footage reveals who has been opening family’s front door nightly: ‘I’ve been grounding the kids’

Revealing front door footage from a family’s security camera has gone viral, and TikTok can’t stop cracking up.

Mandie Starets (@muziksmama) gained over 200,000 views when she posted the hilarious video to her TikTok.

As Mandie explains with on-screen text, she had been “grounding the kids for months” for leaving the front door open.

However, the family’s security camera eventually revealed the hilarious truth: it was their clever cat, Alfy, all along!

In the footage, we see Alfy stroll up to the front door, reach up to the handle and casually let himself in, as if he’d been doing it for ages — which, presumably, he has!

Mandie referred to the situation as a “#momfail” in her caption — but hopefully, when the kids see who the actual culprit was, they’ll have a good laugh about the situation too.

‘Sometimes cats are way too smart…’

TikTokers shared their reactions to the funny footage in Mandie’s comment section.

“Apologize to your kids now lol,” one user joked, a laughing-crying emoji in tow.

“You better spoil those kids and apologize!” another user laughed.

“Kids are getting a lot of ice cream this summer to make up for it,” one user suggested.

Others weighed in on their similar experience with their cats.

“My cat does this all the time,” one user shared.

“We had to switch door knobs on our shop because the cat kept opening the door. I’m glad we aren’t alone!” another user wrote.

“Sometimes cats are way too smart,” observed another user.

Mandie’s funny video might serve as a lesson to parents at home. The next time your kids come up with a crazy-sounding excuse — like, “It was the cat!” — it might just be the truth!

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