Security guard spots ghostly figure at abandoned hospital

A security guard was working late at a “practically abandoned hospital” when he spotted an otherworldly presence.

On July 16, TikTok user noah.vq decided to explore one of the “empty floors” at the abandoned hospital where he works after he heard some noise.

“I was hearing some noise … it’s kind of freaking me out so I’m gonna be filming a little bit,” Noah says as he walks down the eerie corridors and peeps inside the abandoned hospital rooms.

At first, the hospital just looks like a regular old hospital, but when noah.vq turns the camera into one of the old rooms, there appears to be a man standing by the window.

Credit: TikTok/Noah.vq

“Hold the f*** up,” he says as he turns around to investigate. When he looks inside the room again, the apparition is gone.

Credit: TikTok/Noah.vq

Many TikTok users were disturbed by Noah’s eerie encounter.

“My soul jus[t] left my body,” one person said.

“That scared the life out of me,” another user commented. “If that was me I definitely would [have] run out [of] there.”

“My heart dropped,” a third person added.

However, some skeptics think that Noah enlisted the help of a friend to dupe viewers.

“Seems a little staged,” one person noted.

“It’s definitely a friend of his,” another non-believer added. “He saw him and made sure we did too.”

Whether or not Noah actually saw a ghost, there’s no denying that an abandoned hospital is the last place you want to be after dark.

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