We tested TikTok’s favorite ‘self-wringing’ mop

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Can a “self-cleaning” mop really save your home from chaos?

If you ask TikTok, the answer is yes. Users on the app are obsessed with a self-wringing gadget from Newcreativetop, which can supposedly kick your cleaning into hyperdrive.

The “hands-free” device, which sort of looks like a giant robot arm, claims to eliminate the annoying, time-consuming hassle of wringing out your mop.

The futuristic mop seemed almost too good to be true, so the staff at In The Know decided to put it to the test. To try out the “self-cleaning” mop, we held a good, old-fashioned cleaning race.

We pitted the self-wringing mop against a regular, everyday mop. It took our editor intentionally messing up his apartment twice, but, finally, we got an answer. To see what happened, check out the video above.

How to use TikTok’s favorite ‘self-cleaning’ mop

In one corner, we have our self-wringing mop from Newcreativetop. This gadget, which costs $33 on Amazon, is basically like a Swiffer combined with a Terminator.

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The mop, which comes with three, washable wiping pads, is a lot more flexible than a regular mop. Then, of course, there’s the big highlight: the self-wringing feature, which you control by popping the handle forward, sort of like an umbrella.

This mop was extremely easy to use, but ultimately, we weren’t testing for convenience alone.

What’s better: A regular mop or the TikTok-approved gadget?

To test our TikTok-loved gadget, we put both mops through three, competitive rounds.

First, we judged the mops on price. Our regular mop cost us just $13 on Amazon, while, again, the Newcreativetop mop ran us $33. Score one for the regular mop.

Next, we had a “clean-off.” Our editor spilled a big bottle of blue, sticky Powerade on his floor — and, just for good measure, he dumped out a healthy portion of tomato soup too. Then we timed each mop to see how fast it could fix the mess.

Our self-cleaning mop pulled through, beating the standard mop by a solid 20 seconds. The Newcreativetop gadget was much faster thanks to the self-wringing feature, and it had a way easier time getting to every spot on the floor.

Last, the absorption test. In classic infomercial style, we filled our mops with water then wrung them out over a clear cup. Unfortunately for TikTok, the regular mop managed to absorb much more liquid.

Final verdict?

Our winner: the regular, everyday mop. The TikTok gadget was faster, but our normal mop won in both the price and absorption categories — making it an overall favorite.

Still, there are plenty of reasons to consider splurging on the Newcreativetop mop, especially if you have a big space to clean. This gadget is faster and more flexible, and it covers the floor way better than a normal mop — so, ultimately, it all depends on your situation.

Still, we love declaring a winner here at In The Know, and today, the regular mop won. Better luck next time, TikTok.

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