Mom of 4 shares her ‘brilliant’ self-serve fridge hack

This TikTok parent shared her brilliantly simple hack for making sure her family always has snacks on hand!

Shannon Doherty (@athomewithshannon) is a TikToker and mom who shares parenting hacks, advice, and fun DIY activities. Shannon recently shared a brilliantly simple refrigerator hack that can help parents feel more organized and ensure the whole family has access to healthy and delicious snacks! The hack? Make a self-serve section of your refrigerator!


Tip 1 *SELF SERVE FRIDGE* BEST EASY Organization Tips from Mom of 4!!! #organization #momhack #parentinghacks

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The video begins with Shannon standing in front of her open refrigerator wearing a pink floral print dress and matching headband. A caption reads, “Want to get organized this year?”

“As a mom of 4, I’m a professional at coming up with little tips that make your life so much easier,” Shannon explains. 

Then, the camera cuts away from Shannon to reveal a close-up of the refrigerator door, which is full of different fruits and veggies. Shannon explains that she uses the refrigerator door as a self-serve snack area for her family. 

“Is your family always asking for snacks?” she asks as she begins peeling and slicing a cucumber. “This is a game changer.”

Shannon fills a reusable jar with the cucumber slices. Then, she fills a second jar with cherry tomatoes, a third with carrots, and a fourth with grapes. “Slice fruit and veggies early in the week,” she recommends. “Fill them in these reusable pickle containers. They fit perfectly in the fridge door.”

Next, Shannon fills a container with packets of cheese sticks. “I also do yogurts and cheese sticks,” she explains, as she starts filling the refrigerator with containers. 

“I keep everything at reach so my family can grab snacks when they want them,” she explains, as she fills several water bottles with milk and water and places them on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator. “They love the independence, and so will you!” 

Viewers couldn’t get enough of Shannon’s self-serve fridge hack.

“So cute!” one viewer wrote.

“You always look so happy and excited. It makes me so motivated,” another viewer commented. 

“This is so brilliant. I can’t wait til my son is strong enough to open the fridge,” joked another TikToker. 

Shannon’s hack is a simple way to streamline snack time for busy families! 

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