Self-taught artist explains how weaving helps with her anxiety

Erin Barrett is the fiber artist and textile designer behind Sunwoven, a line of woven wall art. 

The Charleston, S.C. artist practices the art of weaving at her home studio. Barrett said she “hopes to bring warmth, happiness and inspiration into the homes of others with each handmade piece she creates.”

There’s no better place to see her in action than TikTok, where Barrett posts videos of her process. While she doesn’t show the finished project in her clips, most of her textiles become wall hangings. Still, her work on the loom is a must-watch. 

In one video with over 3.9 million views, Barrett weaved soft white and gray braided tassels together. In another, she threaded a mix of textures, colors and sizes to create a collage-like pattern. For a different project, she created an impressively large black and white tapestry

Barrett said she began weaving on a total whim and has since collaborated with West Elm after launching a successful brand.

“One evening I came across an online tutorial on the basics of weaving and was really taken with it,” Barrett told Your Own Muse. “I ordered a loom that night and started as soon as I received it in the mail. Having struggled with anxiety in the past, especially after my daughter was born, weaving quickly became the perfect outlet for me to practice my creativity while simultaneously calming my mind.” 

After friends and family expressed interest in buying her handmade goods she launched an Etsy which eventually evolved into Sunwoven. 

“Once Sunwoven started to take off, I slowly began to feel like I was gaining back my creative soul,” Barrett told Your Own Muse. “Not to mention a dash of entrepreneurship that I never even knew existed!” 

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