Man shocked by wife’s ‘selfish’ financial decision: ‘She needs to be an adult’

A man and his wife are arguing over her cousin’s wedding.

He explained his difficult situation on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum. The couple has a newborn and is struggling to stay afloat financially. His wife is unemployed and can’t find work, meanwhile, he has taken on a second job to offset the financial losses. The issue is she wants to go to her cousin’s out-of-state wedding but he doesn’t think it’s financially possible.

“Her cousin is getting married next month and she lives all the way in Las Vegas,” he said. “My wife wants to spend the weekend over there for the wedding. It’s only going to be a few close family members and will be live-streamed for everyone else. The problem is I have to work weekends and there’s no one else to take care of our son. She’d either have to take our son with her (which I’m not at all comfortable with because COVID-19) or I take those days off, which I can’t do either.” 

The couple can’t afford the hotel, gas or food the trip would require either. 

“My wife has been upset over this for a week and she says it can’t hurt to miss a few days just this once for her cousin. Since her cousin was at our wedding,” he explained. “So this had turned into an argument between us because she desperately wants to be there for her cousin, I got mad and told her she knows the financial position we are in right now, she should be more worried about that than going to a wedding she can watch online.” 

Reddit users sympathized with the man’s money situation. 

“Your wife is selfish. She needs to be an adult and realize sometimes you have to make sacrifices in life,” someone commented

“I think you need to sit down and just have a calm discussion about finances and options,” another wrote

“I’m sure your wife feels exhausted and overwhelmed. However, her plan is terrible and she needs the reality check you’re giving her,” a user said.

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