Groomer gives senior dog ‘mohawk’ haircut: ‘We have been laughing for 2 days’

A wise-looking dog with a mohawk is going viral on Reddit, thanks to the hip new haircut from the groomers. 

The Redditor Twisted_NaeNae shared a photo of the senior dog on the “Aww” forum. The simple picture featured the black dog staring directly into the camera. Redditors couldn’t help but notice Henry’s humanlike stern expression and mature features. Many even compared his looks to the actor Jonathan Banks from Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul. 

“Y’all. This is my cousin’s dog Henry, who was given a mohawk haircut from [the] groomer. We have been laughing for two days,” the caption read

The curly-haired dog had long floppy ears and a tuft of hair at the peak of his head. Sprinkles of salt and pepper fur coated the older dog’s face with a patch under his snout and chin that almost looked like a mustache and goatee. 

The surreal image racked up 45,000 upvotes on Reddit. 

“He appears to be an old, distinguished gentleman. The name is perfect,” someone wrote

“Poor guy probably has no idea why everyone keeps laughing at him,” a user said

“Henry looks like an older guy who’s genuinely offended that you’re making fun of his haircut that he actually really likes,” another commented

“He looks like a man that has lived long enough to see life repeat and is sick of everyone and everything,” a person replied

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