Mom transforms baby’s normal jumper into an exciting sensory experience

This parent transformed her baby’s jumper into a fun sensory experience!

Taylor Eskridge (@taymarieesk) is a mom and TikToker who is constantly on the lookout for new fun activities for her infant son, Wyatt.

In a recent video, Taylor shared how she uses sensory bins to make Wyatt’s time in his jumper more exciting. 

Sensory bins are a popular activity for babies and toddlers. They are designed to encourage young children to use their senses to explore the world around them. They can be filled with any child-safe material, though popular fillers include sand, water, and small toys. 

In the video, Taylor puts three sensory bins full of different materials underneath Wyatt as he bounces around in his jumper. Wyatt can feel the different materials with his feet and engage with their different textures.

The materials Taylor uses for her three sensory bins are water, Orbeez and shaving cream. 

The video shows Wyatt joyfully splashing and hopping around in the different bins, as he uses his feet to explore their contents. Since Wyatt is still too young to walk on his own, the jumper keeps him upright and stable as he plays. 

Research has found that sensory play helps young children build cognitive skills, so Taylor’s sensory bins aren’t just fun for Wyatt, but they are also helping him learn!

‘This is so smart for baby sensory, wow!’

Viewers jumped into the comments to express their appreciation for the video and suggest other sensory bin ideas. 

“This is so smart for baby sensory, wow! Good job momma,” wrote one impressed commenter.

Another TikToker suggested, “Put a piece of paper and some paint colors in a Ziploc. [You’ll have a] cute little painting a few minutes later!”

Another TikTok user joked, “Put some grapes in there and have baby make ya some wine.”

Several TikTokers even thought the sensory bins looked like a fun activity for grown-ups.

“Can we normalize having these under our desks as adults?” Asked one hopeful TikToker.

“Ok move over baby, my turn,” commented another. 

It seems like Taylor’s jumper sensory bins aren’t just a fun activity for kids, but appeal to the young at heart as well!

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