Keep toddlers’ sensory play areas clean using an ordinary fitted sheet

This mom on TikTok shared a clever hack for containing the mess from sensory play activities, and it’s a cleanup game changer! 

Sensory play activities are excellent for a child’s development, but things can get messy with the assortment of materials and objects. No one knows this better than TikToker and parent Danielle (@lifewithavia), who shared a creative hack for keeping sensory play mess to a minimum, and it’s a whole new way of looking at a bed sheet!

The clip begins with a close-up shot of a sensory bin filled with colorful rice and various objects. “If you’re a toddler parent, then you know all about sensory play, and this is my hack for keeping it clean,” Danielle’s voice-over explains over footage of the messy play area, that’s been contained to a small area using a pink bed sheet

Danielle explains that she lays a king-size fitted sheet on the floor and places four toddler-sized chairs on each corner. She then wraps the corners of the sheet over each chair to create a barrier so that any sensory bin materials stay within the quadrants of the sheet instead of the floor.

Viewers were impressed with Danielle’s smart and easy mess-prevention trick, and took to the comments to share the love. 

“Amazing! I just spent like 20 minutes cleaning up rice off my floor from sensory bins. [I’m] trying this next time,” one user mentioned. 

“Yes! I’ve done this with a larger sheet inside of a pack and play. [It] saved so much time from cleaning sand at the beach,” shared one TikToker. 

“Love it! I use my dog pool that I bought years before my son was born and never used. Finally, a use for it,” noted one enthusiastic parent. 

Any parent knows that playtime with kids can get pretty messy, so hacks like Danielle’s are definitely worth having in your back pocket.

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