Serena Williams and daughter Alexis have been having Disney dance parties

Superstar athlete Serena Williams is getting some quality time with her 2-year-old daughter Alexis Olympia Ohanian. Williams has been at home with her little girl and husband Alexis Ohanian due to the pandemic. To “keep busy” the mother and daughter dance and sing Disney songs in the living room together. 

Williams posted a video of her and Alexis performing “I Have a Dream” from “Tangled.” Alexis bounces around in a hot pink princess gown while mama Williams sings along with her. 

During another bonding session, the duo sported matching Belle gowns from the “Beauty and the Beast.” Williams sang the words to “Little Town” while Alexis excitedly bounced around until she adorably toppled over. The two nearly burst into laughter, but Williams, always a pro, kept singing.

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Keeping busy

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Like any working parent, Williams has lamented not being able to spend as much time at home as she’d like. However, during quarantine that all changed. 

“I kinda love being a full-time mom and not having the responsibilities to travel and play but now that I’m training again, it’s become a lot,” Williams told People

One of Williams’ solutions to being away is simply bringing the rugrat with her. 

“She’s in every single call that I have, every single meeting,” she told People. “I feel like she’s getting a little bit of it so she’s going to be a really good businesswoman when this is all over.”

While juggling work and life can be difficult for anyone, being one of the greatest athletes of all time certainly isn’t a cakewalk. But judging by the smiles on Alexis’s face Williams is doing just fine!

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