Server says she was accused of ruining a woman’s pregnancy announcement

TikToker and server Brooke Steinschifter (@brooke.steins) was accused of ruining a woman’s pregnancy announcement after Steinschifter put her virgin mojito on the wrong customer’s bill.


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Steinschifter has likely encountered her fair share of characters working as a server. However, one particularly odd interaction, in which Steinschifter claims a customer in a party of 17 blamed her for ruining her friend’s pregnancy announcement, left her so puzzled that she shared her experience in a video, hoping to gain some perspective. 

Steinschifter says that the party, mainly consisting of couples, was “really nice” initially. She explains that after taking everyone’s drink order, a few of the women approached her and asked for their cocktails to be made without alcohol because they didn’t want everyone else to know that they weren’t drinking. 

“So I naturally assumed that they were pregnant, or one of them was pregnant, and they [did not want] people to know yet,” Steinschifter says before mentioning that everyone was “lovely” as she was serving them throughout the night.

Splitting the check

However, complications arose when it came time to separate the checks. While itemizing each bill, Steinschifter says she made a mistake.

“I accidentally put a virgin drink on a bill that wasn’t meant for the person that I gave it to,” she explains. 

After she apologized and went to fix the mistake, she claims she heard someone at the table ask who ordered a mocktail. “Like being nosy,” Steinschifter alleges. 

“My manager calls me, and she’s like, ‘Brooke, some girl just came over to me fuming, saying that you ruined her friend’s pregnancy [announcement], and they’re so upset, and she’s so upset that you ruined her pregnancy announcement,” Steinschifter recalls. 

While speaking with her manager, Steinschifter notes that one of the women approached them to say, “So, I just want to let you know that my friend is absolutely so upset because you were so unprofessional about the entire pregnancy thing, and now the whole entire table knows that she’s pregnant because you gave someone the wrong bill, and it’s just super unprofessional.”

Surprisingly, the woman didn’t ask for anything to be comped, according to Steinschifter.

“She just came over to grill me and blame the pregnancy outing on me!”

Upset over the situation, Steinschifter asked viewers if she was “in the right or wrong” at the end of the video.

“They could’ve made a million excuses.”

Viewers quickly came to Steinschifter’s defense and assured her that she didn’t do anything wrong. 

“They could’ve made a million excuses. ‘I’m driving.’ ‘Nobody, she just said she punched it in wrong.’ ‘I’m doing dry November before the holidays,’” one user commented. 

“Definitely not your fault. You handled it professionally, and honestly, it’s on them if they can’t make up a simple excuse,” reaffirmed one TikToker

“It’s definitely not on you. She just sucked at keeping her own damn secret,” one viewer put it bluntly. 

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