A 24-year-old has gone viral for asking this one question

A 24-year-old woman has quickly gained a following on TikTok for asking passersby in London one simple question: Could you name just one reason to be happy today?

Since Nov. 2, Sevara Rasulova has walked around the city asking people — from a street artist to a city worker — that question in an effort to maintain a level of optimism during period of difficulty for many. In an interview with In The Know, she said that she had been repeatedly experiencing rejections during her job hunt and wanted to be more positive.

“Every day, I made a conscious effort to focus on good things in life and then I started wondering what makes other people happy,” she said. “And I thought, ‘What if I ask people what makes them happy, film it and post it on social media everyday?'”

Through her account @onereason.uk and with the help of several friends, Rasulova has posted 27 interviews with passersby. Her very first video, for example, features a street artist, who is caught in the process of spray-painting a mural.

“I’m happy today because I’m out doing my thing,” he says, motioning at a wall that features three characters holding uplifting messages in response to the pandemic. “I’m out painting the street art.”


Help others. Think positive. Be calm. Stay safe. ##happiness ##london ##onereason

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In another TikTok, Rasulova asks an elderly man the same question. The man, in turn, gives an adorable response.

“Yeah, because I saw the sun shining for 10 seconds!” he says.


London weather at its finest 🤍😂 Don’t need much to be happy!☁️🌧🌦🌥☁️🌧 ##london ##happiness ##onereason ##sun ##shining

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But Rasulova’s most popular video to date, which has nearly 10 million views, is one that features a young man at a park. When asked the question, he smiles and explains why he’s so happy.

“‘Cause there’s dogs in the park!” he says, adding that his favorite breed is the English Springer Spaniel.


His smile and positivity is contagious✨ If you have little dog/cat tag me on your vids, we want to see! 🥰 ##london ##happiness ##onereason ##dog ##cat

♬ original sound – ONE

In the two months since she has started the page, Rasulova has amassed over 128,000 followers. The hope is that the videos will encourage people to have a more enthusiastic outlook on life.

“It’s all about the attitude,” she said. “I’m not trying to tell everyone [that they] should be happy all day every day, but [they should] try and shift the attention on something good and more good people [and] situations will come.”

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