Here’s what the abbreviation SFS means

Social media is always producing new slang and acronyms like “FYP” and “IBF.” 

You might have seen “SFS” written in comment sections on Instagram or even in Twitter posts. The acronym has more than one meaning, depending on the context. You might see people say, “SFS, please,” or “I’m SFS right now with school.” Here’s everything SFS could possibly mean on the internet. 

What does SFS mean on Instagram

The acronym SFS most often stands for “Shoutout For Shoutout.” According to Urban Dictionary, it is “commonly used by Instagramers to request a return shoutout once a shoutout is provided to another Instagramer in an effort to get more followers.” 

That means whenever you spot SFS in the comment section it’s one user asking another to exchange shoutouts. 

Another common connotation of SFS is “Spam For Spam.” With the similar goal of boosting engagement, in this case, the two parties would like a ton of each other’s posts. 

In some contexts, SFS can also mean “So F****** Sweet” or “So F******* Stressed.” Meanwhile, on e-commerce platforms, like eBay or Craigslist, SFS may stand for “Still For Sale.” 

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