SFX artist can turn herself into any character or celebrity: ‘So good’

Mary-Kate Hardy is a makeup artist and self-professed “shapeshifter.” She uses her body as a canvas to make jaw-dropping transformations. The artist’s TikTok is home to all of her unique looks. 

Take her mauled David Bowie-inspired look for example. Hardy paints herself blue and dons a silver pixie wig. Then she uses prosthetics to create three huge, bloody gashes across her eye where the artist’s signature lightning bolt would have been. 

But Hardy isn’t afraid to poke fun at herself either. In a popular clip where she turned into the comic book version of the Joker, she roasted the look a bit.

“So I think this looks pretty good on a black backdrop,” she says. “But if I turned to the side, it’s a nightmare.” 

Hardy turns her head to show the area where the character’s drawn-on face ends and hers begins. Art isn’t always so pretty up close!

But her zombie transformation video went onto become one of the account’s most-viewed for a reason.

Hardy takes on Billy from “Hocus Pocus” in the clip. She makes the appearance of sunken cheeks with cotton balls and his textured skin using spackled on latex. Hardy paints herself a sickly green and yellow before teasing her hair to look like Billy’s and painting his suit onto her décolletage.

The tutorial racked up over 977,000 views on TikTok

“I’m a SFX makeup artist too and this is perhaps the best buildup I’ve ever seen using latex and cotton,” one user commented

“Don’t mind me just falling out of my chair over here. So friggin good,” one person wrote

“You killed this,” someone added

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