YouTuber Shane Dawson issues new merch, but no new apology

YouTuber Shane Dawson, who has spent the last several months embroiled in various controversies, quietly released a new line of clothing with the phrase “spiraling since 1988” printed on hoodies and T-shirts.

An announcement about the new merch was made in an email sent to people subscribed to Dawson’s mailing list, according to Insider. Jeffree Star’s company, Killer Merch, is distributing the merchandise.

Many recipients of the email expressed their disgust at Dawson’s decision to release new merchandise even though he’s been silent on social media since July.

“It’s so uncomfortable that Shane Dawson is releasing new merch while he’s been MIA,” one user wrote. “It’s just weird knowing he hasn’t said anything since June and still comes out with new stuff.”

“For those of you still supporting him, you need to check yourself. Someone that refuses to address claims of pedophilia & racism clearly has something to hide,” another said.

In July, Dawson’s old, offensive content resurfaced. He apologized for doing blackface, using racial slurs and sexualizing animals and children with a video called “Taking Accountability.”

He did not apologize specifically for what is considered to be his biggest controversy to date, though — a resurfaced clip of him making sexualized comments about Willow Smith, who was a child at the time. Smith’s family spoke out against Dawson for the video, and as a result, he lost over a million subscribers.

Since then, YouTube has demonetized his channel, and both Morphe and Target removed his makeup and clothing from stores.

One Twitter user suggested that may be the reason he released new merch.

“Is he trying to get money because his channel got demonetized or some s***?? like?? you really expect people to buy this??” they wrote.

Dawson hasn’t responded to criticism over his new merch. Time will tell whether anyone takes the plunge and invests in it.

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