Share your room with penguins at this luxury hotel in Taiwan

Taiwan’s Cozzi Blu luxury hotel is inspired by the classic science fiction novel, “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea.” But it’s more than a nautical theme — it’s an experience.

The hotel structure is shared with the Xpark Aquarium, which means that while you’re staying at Cozzi Blu, you may notice a penguin swimming through a water tunnel that runs through your room. Or maybe you’ll spot a shark or exotic fish exploring the main tank. 

“Our hotel was designed following the ideas of the French novel, ‘Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea,'” Sandra Yu, a Cozzi Blu representative told Euro News

Visitors can also enjoy a TV channel that provides a 24-hour live view of the aquarium’s main tank. 

The aquarium will also benefit from the arrangement. The tunnels will allow researchers to study penguin behavior. 

“In the penguin section, we can see penguins’ behaviors both on the land and in the water. We built a tunnel for them so that they could travel between the land and the water,” Athena Ku, Xpark Aquarium’s consultant, told Euro News. “They can use the tunnel to play on either the land part or in the water and the tunnel is also shown as a part of our cafe. So people can look at the penguins while they’re having coffee.” 

At least one guest seems to be enjoying the view of the cafe.

“This is the first time we have visited this cafe and we see penguins swimming through the tunnel. I think this is so special and I feel so excited,” a visitor told Euro News.

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