Mom realizes she filmed shark breaching behind her son surfing

A mom caught some terrifying footage of her teenage son practicing his surfing right in front of a breaching shark.

Tennessee-based Kaci Allen and her son Ethan were at North Myrtle Beach, N.C., so Ethan could practice some surfing. In the video Allen took, Ethan’s surfboard crosses over the shark a split second before the shark jumps out of the water. Ethan falls into the water almost right after.

“I didn’t even realize we’d captured the shark jumping up right after he pulled his feet up on the board!” Allen wrote in the Facebook caption. “I didn’t see this one until [Ethan] was scrolling through videos!”

According to her Facebook page, Allen is a Myrtle Beach native.

“We’ve seen sharks in the water before but never captured a video of one,” she added in the post. “They’re fast!”

Commenters on Facebook seemed split between thinking the shot was cool and being scared of how close the shark was to Ethan.

“Pretty cool photobomb,” one person joked.

“This is why we don’t swim or surf near a pier,” another pointed out.

“Scary!” a commenter said. “That’s why I stay on the beach.”

The type of shark seen in the video is speculated to be a young spinner shark, a species commonly found off of the coast of South Carolina. They grow to be about six to 10 feet long and 120 pounds, but are not considered a threat to humans.

The shark’s name comes from the fact that it “spins” through the water vertically when trying to feed.

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