The future is here! You can use voice commands to control this Alexa-enabled ‘smart’ dishwasher

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Having a dishwasher is a total luxury for most people. Having a dishwasher you can control from anywhere in your home? Now that is the future!

If you want to take your kitchen to the next level, take a look at the new SHARP Smart Dishwasher. Not only does it get your pots, pans, dishes and silverware squeaky clean, but it works with Alexa so you can control it using simple voice commands. Want to turn it on from the couch? Done. Want to know how much time is left in the cycle? Just ask!

SHARP Smart Dishwasher Works with Alexa, $998.57

Credit: SHARP

Right now, the SHARP Smart Dishwasher is less than $1,000, so it’s the perfect time to make the investment. It’s available to ship right away, so if you place your order soon you can have this next-level appliance in time for your Christmas dinner party and save yourself a ton of time washing dishes after dinner.

The voice control is certainly one of the most impressive features of this SHARP Smart Dishwasher, but there are others. If you have a smaller load, you can choose the “wash zone” option which will optimize cleaning cycles on either the top or bottom rack. Another great feature? This dishwasher removes dirt and grime without a lot of noise. According to the product description, it’s “Library Quiet.”

Buying a dishwasher is certainly no small purchase, but it can make a really big difference in your kitchen. If you’ve been thinking about adding a dishwasher to your home for a while, right now just might be the time to make your purchase while this SHARP Smart Dishwasher is still in stock.

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